If YOU could do ONE THING to make life BETTER
for your COMMUNITY, what would it be?



Saturday, July 8th from 9:00am - 4:00pm


7th Ave Park in Troy (at the intersection of Ingalls Ave & 7th Ave).


Residents/businesses in the Hillside and North Central area. Everyone is welcome!
We will provide food and children's activities. You will provide ACTION!

What to Expect

Join people who want to talk about making your idea happen.
ALL ideas will be collected and shared, and will become the building blocks for working together to make our community better.

Make Change Happen

This is the first part of a project that has resources and will result in ACTION. If you do not share your idea, it is guaranteed not to happen.

Don't Have Ideas?

Come and listen. If you hear an idea you like, join that group.


Creating change is not easy, but it is possible. This event will be led by the people who live and work in the North Central and Hillside communities. You are the people who know the community best, and you must be a part of actions taken to make life better.