Meet Debra Garrett

Debra joins us from the community and also as a member of CEO, where she serves as their Early Head Start/Head Start Program Assistant. On our One Troy team, she serves as a Steering Committee member and as a member of our Process Subcommittee. See what she had to say when we asked her why she got involved with One Troy and why she thinks others should be invested in One Troy!

Why did you get involved with One Troy?

I was asked by CEO to join the One Troy group because of my involvement in the other programs CEO offers and I also live within the target area. I wasn’t sure what was going to take place or how I would be able to help, but I was excited to learn more about One Troy. After learning about One Troy and how the work they were creating would affect my family and my community, I knew I made a great decision when I said yes.

Why do you think it is important for others to be involved in One Troy?

One Troy is unlike any other group I have ever come across; the work that we are trying to create is based off of what the community wants versus telling them what they need. I think it’s important to get involved with One Troy because it gives you a chance to voice your opinion on what you feel is important in your neighborhood. I believe if you are a resident in Troy, NY, you should want to take part in any group or program looking to make your community greater. Being a member of One Troy and seeing things come to life for the city of Troy is a wonderful feeling.